High Inclination-angle Conveyor Belt Being Shipped to India

Details of High Inclination-angle Conveyor Belt:
Product Name:
High Inclination-angle Belt Conveyor
Length: 10m
Manufacturer: FanWay Fertilizer Machinery
Departure City: Shanghai
Arrival Country: India
Delivery Date: 20th, July, 2015

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Advantage of High Inclination-angle Conveyor Belt:
☆ It runs steadily and has a lower noise so as to increase
conveying efficiency and improve the work environment.
☆ It performs reliably. There is no chain scission and
other mechanical failure to reduce the maintenance cost.
☆ It needs less energy consumption to so that the
cost is reduced and the energy is saved greatly.
☆The wave-shape flanges design makes sure the
conveying goes on smoothly without spilling.

Belt Conveyor is an indispensable part in organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production lines. Except for the pure material-conveying function, conveyor belt can match the requirements of technological process in every production link, thus forming a rhythmical flow process. FanWay Fertilizer Machinery, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, is dedicated to qualified production of various fertilizer machines, including conveyor belt. There are 2 kinds of conveyors being provided by us, inclined belt conveyor and high inclination-angle belt conveyor. Both of them are with high efficiency.
High Inclination-angle Belt Conveyor Before Transporting:

belt conveyor shipped to India


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